HLM creates an angular landscape to inspire digital media agency

9, February, 2011

HLM has created an inspirational West End office for digital media agency agenda 21.

Located in Frith Street in Soho, the 3250ft office projects agenda 21’s presence in the digital media by creating an industrial, facetted and angular landscape, and uses a black, white and green colour scheme

The £100,000 workspace will accommodate around 50 staff and includes a remodelled kitchen and meeting rooms divided from the main office by glass panels featuring a grey geometric graphic.

An industrial theme incorporated the office’s existing oak flooring and exposed mechanical and electrical services, while the furniture mirrors the technical nature of the work undertaken by the agency.

The concept used by HLM has inspired agenda 21 to use the office design as a starting point for its website rebranding.

Pete Robins, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at agenda 21, said: “We were fortunate to find an open plan space in the middle of Soho, and we wanted to ensure that we didn’t end up with a bland space that could belong to any company. We needed it to reflect us and our business and be a space that would help us attract the best talent. We are delighted with what HLM has produced for us, especially as the results were delivered within a short timeframe.”

Jamie Wilson, interior designer at HLM, said: “We wanted this office to take its inspiration from the digital medium within which the company works, highlighting aspects such as the company’s scientific approach and technological focus with an industrial edge. We fulfilled the client’s brief of creating an office with a strong concept that reflects the company in such a strong way that it has influenced agenda 21’s branding and website design. “

HLM also aimed to reduce the amount of noise which can be heard inside and the work includes acoustic treatment to both the office and server. Work was completed within ten weeks.

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