HLM develops baseline designs for the Education Funding Agency

5, December, 2012

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has recently published its baseline designs for standardised schools. HLM has been working with the EFA to develop the baseline design for a 420 place primary school incorporating a 26 place nursery.  Using our extensive experience of education projects, we helped to develop a design that uses sustainable principles and a simple form that can be readily integrated into existing school sites. Key features of this design are:


·       An efficient, two storey form that can be adapted to suit retained facilities.

·       A clear, logical layout of spaces with nursery, reception and infant rooms located on the ground floor, and junior and specialist spaces located on the first floor.

·       Specialist facilities integrated into the classrooms for the younger years with the option of either integral or separate specialist rooms for the junior years.

·       Toilets and cloakrooms for the younger years located between classrooms allowing for easy supervision and direct access to dedicated play areas for the different age groups, as well as potential discreet entry at each end of the school day.

·       The early years’ accommodation is situated at the front of the building to allow for easy drop off and direct access into classrooms at the beginning of the school day, relieving any congestion at the main entrance.

·       Junior classrooms located on the first floor that can be accessed directly by a staircase at either end of the building, supplemented by a lift. This allows for sub-division of years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 if required.

·       Rooms located to allow easy separation of the reception, main hall and specialist areas for out of hours community use.

·       The dining facilities located in the main hall, with the chair store doubling up as a servery area and providing an acoustic break between the kitchens and the hall.

·       The main building block being of a heavy weight construction to provide thermal mass to the teaching spaces, while the hall and ancillary areas will be lightweight steel frame.

·       The 7.2m deep classrooms optimise daylight, allowing for natural ventilation facilitated by the window design. In addition to this, vertical ventilation shafts to the rear of the classrooms give maximum flexibility in summer and winter months.

·       SEN facilities, supported by ancillary assisted changing, WC and appliance storage amenities allow for an enhanced degree of inclusion.

If you would like to speak to a member of our education team about the baseline designs please contact us at sheffield@hlmarchitects.com.



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