HLM Glasgow Helps Apprentices Stand Out in the Competitive Job Market

29, November, 2017

HLM successfully recruited and trained over ten apprentices over the summer months in its Glasgow studio. The paid apprenticeship scheme is one of the few in the Glasgow area which gives young people the experience they need to stand out in Scotland’s increasingly competitive jobs market.

The number of people in higher education in Scotland reached a record high of 235,000 last year, according to HESA. With more Scottish young people in higher education than ever, students are seeking additional real-life work environment experience to broaden their skillset.

Recognising the need for students to gain hands-on experience to improve their future prospects, HLM’s Glasgow studio gave young people a unique opportunity to use their spare time over the summer period to fully immerse themselves in the day-to-day work of a leading design and architecture company in a paid capacity.

The programme involved young people with various levels of education, including secondary school and university students, as well as graduates. All of the candidates went through an application process to make it on to the highly coveted apprenticeship scheme for ambitious young people. Three of the apprentices were offered full-time roles at HLM following the scheme and are now working in the studio as part of the team.

The apprentices learnt first-hand from the HLM team how design and architecture projects, ranging from UK residential developments to international multi-million pound projects, evolve from initial meetings to the final product.

Lorraine Robertson, who heads up HLM Scotland said: “We understand how difficult the job market can be for young people. The programme gives us the opportunity to provide students with the skills and experience necessary in today’s job market and we have received very positive feedback from this year’s participants. Overall, we were really impressed with the enthusiasm and talent of this year’s applicants and participants and would encourage anyone considering a career in design and architecture to come talk to us to see how we can assist you.

“At HLM, people development is at the heart of everything we do. We do this through the HLM Academy, a programme of excellence which helps employees reach their potential through modules, webinars, coaching, graduate programmes and on-the-job structured training.”

Tamas Turdean, a University of Edinburgh student and Interior Design Intern at HLM commented, “During my internship at the Glasgow office, I have not only gained and developed new skills, but also had the chance to connect and work with the wider HLM community. It has been an eye-opener to see how the field works, how the different offices collaborate and a great chance to work on a range of national and international projects. Being part of HLM as a student has been a great opportunity that many would wish for.”

HLM’s Glasgow studio has been recognised for its commitment to training and development. The company was recently winning the ‘People Development’ category at the Glasgow Business Awards 2017.

If you would like to get involved in the internship programme please contact: glasgow@hlmarchitects.com

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