HLM wins Landscape Institute North West Design Ideas Competition

16, October, 2015

We are delighted to announce that HLM have been confirmed winners in the professional category of the Landscape Institute North West Design Ideas Competition – A Public Park for the 21st Century: A celebration of the work of Joseph Paxton.  The competition received over 130 entries from all over the world and was described by the organisers as ‘a very challenging and ambitious brief’.


The brief aimed to re-examine the public park in the 21st century.  How can we revitalise and reclaim urban parks as multi-functional resources at the heart of our communities, that are economically viable and self-sustaining systems?


Our winning exhibit ‘ Power to the Park’ which merged Vauxhall Park and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens along a newly expanded urban/rail spine was inspired by nature and innovation. The park reinvents the purpose and impetus of the public park by way of championing future technologies, creating self-generating income and introducing cutting edge science and innovation to inspire the public. The parks redefine and reinvigorate 21st century pleasure – bringing back the raucous of Victorian pleasure gardens into modern fashion.


The team hope that the submission can inspire a new generation of thinking for the existence of public parks.

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