HLMSV Finalists – Design and Health Awards Cape Town

31, October, 2011

Design and Health Awards Cape Town 2011

HLMSV were delighted to be chosen as one of the two finalists for their thesis on Lifestyle and Wellness in Rural, Suburban and Urban locations in South Africa as part of the Design and Health Awards in Cape Town.

Phila Kahle (‘Live Well’)

Our submission, named after the Zulu for “Live Well’ is based on the idea that the built environment can facilitate a sense of life’s comprehensibility, manageability and meaning: restorative places can mitigate stress and provide positive psychosocial stimulation. 

Its proposed HPLC consists of a primary healthcare clinic, community space, gardens a crèche, and accommodation for patients and staff. 

With the philosophy that “ideas precede design”, HLM was informed by research-based design, and guided by features that have multiple benefits, such as the use of daylight and natural ventilation to boost comfort levels and immunity while reducing energy costs.  The scheme uses a limited palette of materials and systems that are appropriate to Africa, including standing seam sheeting, which is lightweight and easy to transport.

HLM offered two site plans, one for rural and township settings where land costs should allow similar-sized developments, and a more compact two-storey plan for tighter urban sites.  Location is seen as paramount, with a proposed township in Soweto chosen for its accessibility and co-location with a retail centre and open green space – with the idea that health promotion follows more easily when health activities are placed closer to everyday life.

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