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1, July, 2011

HLM’s Runners and Bikers

Across HLM’s office’s our Staff keep up the Charity Work….

London to Brighton Bike Ride in Aid of The British Heart Foundation:

Team Name: The Office Bikes
The London to Brighton Bike ride Team consisted of -,
Jamie Crorkin, Paul Sutton, Carmin Friedrich, John Richards, Richard Parsons, Sophie Wells and Gareth Reed.

“The British Heart Foundation is 50 this year and since the 1960s donations have helped fund some of the greatest breakthrough in heart science. What better way to show our ongoing support than to take part in the now legendary London to Brighton 54-mile Bike Ride? We all know somebody who has either been affected by heart problems or benefitted from the research, campaigning and care that the BHF carry out and the decision to sign on and saddle up was an easy one. To date we have raised £1,869 with donations still coming in.

The weather was blissfully clement on the day and, together with 28,000 other cyclists, we set off in high spirits. The ride peaked with the infamous Ditchling Beacon (aka the Green Monster) but our ascent was rewarded by breathtaking views over the South Downs. All in all a fantastic day with a fantastic atmosphere for a fantastic cause.”

London Marathon in Aid of The British Heart Foundation:

Ajay Sharma the Regional Director from our Plymouth Office ran the London Marthon this year. Following the recent death of his Father from a sudden cardiac arrest, Ajay became self-motivated to run the Virgin London Marathon to raise money for charity, in memory of his late father. Ajay endured cold winter months of intense training and a complete change of diet. He managed to raise an incredible £3,000 for The British Heart Foundation, and wishes to thank those of you who donated including family and friends.
On the day, Ajay battled through the heat and managed a time of 4hrs 30mins. He said the atmosphere was unbelievable and the support was incredible but vowed never to put his body through that again!

London Marathon in Aid of The British Lung Foundation:

Dan Green from our Plymouth Office ran the London Marathon for the British Lung Foundation.

“This year I was fortunate enough to complete a life long ambition and compete in the London Marathon. I entered the event via the ballot and chose to represent the British Lung Foundation, a Charity very close to my heart as I have lost both Grandfathers to Lung related disease. Through the generous donations of family and friends I was able to raise just over £900, a huge motivation, especially on those cold winter mornings, battling the rain to squeeze in as much training as possible. The day itself was incredible, the support from the crowd was phenomenal, without whom the 26.2 miles in the blistering heat would have been nigh impossible. I managed to finish the run in 4 hours 15 minutes 1 second, which was slightly disappointing as my target was 4 hours. It was a breath taking experience (literally), I will never forget and never put my body though again! I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who sponsored and supported me, without them it would have been impossible.”

 Edinburgh Marathon in Aid of Maggies Cancer Charity:

James from our Glasgow office recently ran the Edinburgh Marathon for the local Cancer Care Charity Maggie’s.
James had a great incentive to take part in the run as his dad was diagnosed with throat cancer a few years ago and at his local Maggie’s centre he found he was able to meet people in a friendly environment who had been through the same treatment and recovery which helped him a lot.
After signing up for the Race only 13 weeks before James completed the run in 4hrs 37mins and said “Apart from the last 5 miles which were into a strong head wind it wasn’t a bad as I was expecting. The highlight being the Jaffa cake someone gave me around the 18mile mark, without doubt the best I’ve ever tasted.”

James raised over £500 for the Charity and is very proud of his accomplishment and would like to thank his family and friends for there support.



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