The Transformation Trust – “Rock Assembly”

24, July, 2015

HLM recently exhibited the company at the “Rock Assembly” for the Transformation Trust, a company who HLM support and work with as a part of our increased involvement with the education sector.

Transformation Trust is a company who aims to improve opportunities for young people across the country by working with some of the most challenged schools and colleges to build their employability skills and confidence.  Providing support and events which encourage a broad range of students to develop an active interest in their future, the Transformation Trust gives a helping hand to those who have not been as fortunate as others.  HLM has supported the trust in many of its endeavours since its foundation in 2009 and our involvement in their “Rock Assembly” was a continuation of this support.   

The “Rock Assembly” invited schools from across the country to Wembley, where companies of all shapes and sizes, exhibited the wide range of opportunities which students could pursue.  The aim was to develop interest and impetus which the students could take forward into their studies, hopefully providing a goal or aspiration which they would want to work towards.  HLM designed and constructed an exhibition space for the fair where we demonstrated the range and quality of work that we produce whilst also involving the students in games and activities which aimed to highlight the interactive and hands on nature of the job.

HLM’s support of the “Rock Assembly” marks our increased involvement with the education sector and we hope to continue this involvement by offering a group work experience session to some of those who attended the Transformation Trust event.   

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