The Woolwich Centre

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The Woolwich Centre

The Woolwich Centre is a new civic complex comprising approximately 250,000m² accommodation. It comprises a local service centre, business centre, community gallery & café, public library and modern office accommodation.

This forms part of wider masterplan and major regeneration of the centre of Woolwich, providing a new retail store and over 900 new town centre homes for sustainable living.

The civic centre has created state of the art facilities, involving innovative space planning and delivered a modern working environment whereby 'flexible/new ways of working' have been adopted allowing a 7:10 desk to staff ratio. A modernised, coherent and accessible public services facility has been provided.

A BREEAM Excellent status and ground breaking energy performance standards have been achieved through the use of innovative environmental features such as a 'climate wall' providing enhanced ventilation, a mixed mode engineering solution adopting passive-chilled beams and displacement ventilation, and the extensive use of offsite fabrication and modularisation.

Throughout the process the design has been informed by extensive public consultation with CABE, GLA and the Royal Borough of Greenwich. In fact a Royal Borough of Greenwich 'Modernisation Group' has informed the design at all stages.

The design solution projects the Borough to the community as a progressive and transparent local authority with improved public services.

The overall masterplan creates a new urban block pattern with the civic complex at the heart of a new community. There is a new and legible public realm creating coherent entrance spaces to the civic and community functions. A new civic square lines the new civic complex and the Listed Town Hall. Substantial value creation through a masterplan led approach has meant that the building has been delivered at zero cost to the public.

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Client Royal Borough of Greenwich Project Value £60m Size 21,000 m sq Location London, UK