In December 2015, HLM joined a privileged group of architectural and construction industry organisations in achieving BIM Level 2 Certification with the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the UK’s primary source for the certification of products and services, under their Business Certification Scheme. In demonstrating its capability within the BRE’s rigorous assessment, HLM can now give its clients greater assurance than ever that its BIM credentials are fully aligned with an industry that continually aspires to improve the processes and value of the built environment.

HLM has utilised CAD and BIM systems in various forms for over 30 years in projects of multiple sectors and sizes, producing an enormous database of knowledge, reused and developed to give our designers the latest and most appropriate tools and information to deliver the best possible solutions.

Emerging standards and protocols that facilitate BIM Level 2 have encouraged us to assemble a company-wide BIM team, certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

HLMs active contribution to the development of these standards has ensured that our team is completely aligned with the BIM aspirations of the construction industry to assist our clients in establishing a BIM methodology that is relevant to their needs, including preparation for the government mandates that support Level 2 BIM and Government Soft Landings (GSL).

We now collaborate with other design disciplines and suppliers to provide BIM to Level 2 standard on the majority of our projects using a variety of authoring tools for presentation, design development, production information, 3D coordination and asset management. Applications that enable client groups to observe and interact in a virtual environment and visualise key external and internal spaces using hand-held devices also provide essential support to the BIM process. Complemented by in-house developed drawing management and space planning systems and facilitated by a strong backbone of wide area networks, external connectivity, voice and video communications and full remote access, the value provided to our clients is always maximised.

All of this is delivered as part of a constantly evolving strategy with input from both technology specialists and key business leaders.

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